Staff and Committee Members

Committee Members & Staff


Committee Member/Elected Official

Staff (TAC)

Contra Costa County Candace Andersen, District II Supervisor
2020 SWAT Chair
Robert Sarmiento
Town of Danville
Karen Stepper, Mayor
Andy Dillard
City of Lafayette
Teresa Gerringer, Council Member
2020 SWAT Vice Chair
Justin Horng
Renata Sos, Council Member
Shawn Knapp
City of Orinda
Amy Worth, Vice Mayor
Jason Chen
City of San Ramon
David Hudson, Council Member
Lisa Bobadilla

Other Staff

SWAT Administrative Staff Lisa Bobadilla
SWAT 511 Contra Costa TDM Program Senior Analyst Darlene Amaral
Contra Costa Transportation Authority Staff  

County Connection Staff Ruby Horta
BART G. Aileen Hernandez

Committee Assignments


Member (Term Ends)
Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) Dave Hudson (1/31/2022)
Karen Stepper (Alt)
Teresa Gerringer (1/31/2021)
Renata Sos (Alt)
CCTA Technical Coordinating Committee
(engineer, transportation planner, planner)
Jason Chen (3/1/2021)
Larry Theis (Alt)
Andy Dillard (3/1/2021)
Justin Horng (Alt)
Lisa Bobadilla (3/1/2021)
Shawn Knapp (Alt)
Countywide Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan Oversight Committee* Adam Foster (12/31/2021)
Jason Chen  (Alt)
Bill Keeshen, Citizen Rep