The Lamorinda Program Management Committee (LPMC) is a subcommittee of the Southwest Area Transportation Committee. Through the CCTA, LPMC is responsible for developing the Lamorinda Action Plan. The LPMC is comprised of elected officials and staff members from the City of Lafayette, Town of Moraga, and City of Orinda.

CCTA is currently working with Lafayette to update the Lamorinda Action Plan. The next draft of the Plan is available for public review on the CCTA website as well as clicking here. In addition to serving as a guide for transportation planning through the year 2040, this Plan also fulfills the three Lamorinda cities’ obligation to participate in cooperative planning for growth and traffic management on designated Routes of Regional Significance. In Lamorinda, there are three: State Route 24, Camino Pablo/San Pablo Dam Road, and Pleasant Hill Road north of the freeway. The BART route through Lamorinda is currently proposed to be designated as a fourth.

LPMC Committee Members & Staff


Committee Member

Staff (TAC)

City of Orinda
Amy Worth, Council Member
Charles Swanson
City of Lafayette
Don Tatzin, Council Member
2015 LPMC Vice Chair
 Tony Coe
Town of Moraga
Michael Metcalf, Vice Mayor
2015 LPMC Chair
Ellen Clark  


2009 Lamorinda Action Plan 
LFFA Bylaws


LPMC Staff Contact

James Hinkamp
Transportation Planner
City of Lafayette
3675 Mt Diablo Blvd, Suite 210
Lafayette, CA  94549